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Thank you for visiting my furniture website.

I started making furniture about four years ago as a means to stretch my creative muscles beyond my main profession, Graphic Design.

I had built a series of custom lamps for a charity auction and found that I really enjoyed the building part of the process.

I really wanted to get on the ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ train and so began looking for discarded things that could be repurposed.

Then I began making small end tables, which led to coffee tables, which led to dining tables, etc.

Completely unrelated, on a nice day during the summer of 2012 I was out doing some yardwork, listening to music on my iPhone without headphones,

and I put the phone in a bucket to amplify it, which worked quite well, and thought, I’m pretty sure I can make this look better than a old bucket.

Almost immediately I thought of using vintage phonograph horns, but other materials had crossed my mind as well.

Some worked better than others. However, in the end I found that phonograph horns worked quite well.

And all have unique qualities based on the materials originally used to build them.

For example, metal horns bring out a sharp, vintage sound, while wood horns project a warm sound, and papier maché horns produce a clean, dry sound.

The charm of these pieces is that they do not use electricity. Only physics.

The sound you hear is simply being amplified from the sound from your phone’s speaker traveling through the horn and out into your living space.


2006 entry: The birdhouse that got me started. Solid wood construction, painted gloss white, with custom graphics.


2007 entry: The charity auction was for Stevens Elementary in Seattle, so a book birdhouse with origami birds flying up from the pages seemed fitting.


2008 Entry: The first instance of me repurposing found objects. A vintage Viewmaster with reels of North American birds is illuminated by a single internal lamp. Whimsical illustrations of birds fill the windows and also illuminate when the lamp is on.


2010 Entry: My take on a Tiffany lampshade. A Cypress knee base with lampshade made from found 35mm nature slides.

Discarded Korean War ammunition crates converted to wine storage. Private commission 2013

Discarded Korean War ammunition crates converted to wine storage. Private commission, 2013